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For Sale

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Aleutian Proteins currently has the following used fishmeal machinery for sale:
Stord SS25-8 Cooker
Stord BS-35F Press

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Equipment & Installation[su_divider top="no"]

Aleutian Proteins represents Stord Process A/S, based in Bergen, Norway. Stord Process manufactures and distributes new and used fishmeal machinery, including cookers, presses, and dryers. We also have longstanding relationships with a variety of other process machinery suppliers.

Aleutian Proteins also buys, refurbishes, and resells used fishmeal machinery.

Aleutian Proteins offers design, sale, and installation services. In 2010 we sold and installed a new Stord cooker, refurbished Stord press, and new Stord dryer on the P/V Northern Victor. In 2013/2014 we sold and installed a complete new 400MT/day fishmeal factory on the F/T Alaska Ocean.