Fishmeal & Oil

fishmealAs the exclusive fishmeal and fish oil broker for Icicle Seafoods, Aleutian Proteins handles all production from the processing vessel Northern Victor, anchored outside Dutch Harbor, Alaska. The Northern Victor produces approximately 7,500 tons of Alaska pollock meal and 150,000 gallons of pollock oil annually. This meal is exported primarily to China, while the oil is sold to foreign and domestic markets.

Aleutian Proteins has installed meal factories in Icicle Seafoods’ Alaskan salmon factories located in Seward and Petersburg, and at Ocean Beauty’s salmon factory in Cordova. Together, these three factories produce approximately 1500 tons of salmon meal and 50,000 gallons of salmon oil annually, which Aleutian Proteins provides to the North American petfood market.

Aleutian Proteins works closely with a variety of other Alaskan producers to supply fishmeal, fish bonemeal, and fish oil to the best markets throughout the world.

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